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We take great pride in creating and designing security systems in Orlando that offer our customers the highest level of protection and assurance. Not only are these security systems designed to offer safety, but they are also crafted to be flexible and easy to use.

These attention to security details are what helps to set us apart from the competition. Other security systems fail in comparison to the high level of standards and expectations that we have set. For these reasons and many more, when you are choosing from security systems we are the only option.

Beginning Levels of Security Protection in Orlando

Our security systems are very advanced, but they also offer beginning levels of protection that are very effective. This includes door, window, motion and glass break detectors. Whenever something out of the ordinary occurs within your business, you will be notified by our alarm monitoring services. Many security systems offer these basic features, but fail to yield optimal levels of protection, however, we offer even more security features that give you the peace of mind that you require.

Other Security Features:

  • Emergency Call Buttons
  • Sensors to Detect Water Leakage
  • Temperature Sensors for Fridges and Coolers
  • Detectors on Expensive Equipment or Products
  • The Ability to Arm or disarm your Security System from Any Location
  • Notification Features of Our Security Systems

Our security systems even come with state-of-the-art notification features that are designed to give you instant notification of any security breaches. You will be notified by text, email or phone the exact instant that one of your security systems sounds. You even have the ability to arm or disarm your security system from any location, which only gives you more convenience and security.


Green Security Systems

In order to cater to business that are conscious about the environment, we also offer Go Green security systems. Our Go Green security systems packages are designed to give you access to all the latest security features that you need, but with a reduction in energy costs. This reduction is up to 30% and include services like air conditioning detection and automatic on/off water heater function. With light controls, you can even increase your energy savings substantially.

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