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BDA – What is it?

First responders or public safety officials rely on two way radio communications to keep people and property safe.  Often they face a dangerous loss of communication that presents a clear and present hazard.   Factors that can lead to a loss of signal include the location of and proximity to the nearest public safety antenna, various obstructions, the building materials used, low e-glass, underground locations, RF or radio frequency interference – just to name a few.


Over 98.5% of first responders or public safety officials report dead spots in existing buildings. In the last 2 years alone, over 56% of emergency responders reported a loss of communications. The problem is real – Our Emergency Responders Radio Communication Enhancement Solution (ERRCES) can provide 100% coverage ensuring the best possible outcomes for everyone.

Our solution is currently the only UL 2524 listed bi-directional amplifier. The BDA boosts the signal from the public safety antenna and distributes it where needed through a Distributed Antenna System or (DAS). This amplification boosts radio signal strength in both directions making sure no communication is lost, even in large buildings or areas.


BDA Systems – Why is this system important to you?

Current codes requirements and government mandates call for a minimum of 95% coverage throughout all new buildings. The National Fire and Protection Association or NFPA requires 99% building coverage of all “critical areas” in a building.
By 2022, all buildings will be required to meet the standards as laid out by the governing authorities.


BDA Security

BDA Equipment and Systems Why choose ACS Fire & Security?

  • We have been providing Life Safety solutions to our clients for over 20 years, building trust of our loyal customers as a locally owned and operated company focused on their positive outcomes.
  • We work closely with Fire Marshals in the fire department and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction or AHJ’s on a daily basis and have built strong relationships with first responders and those connected to these systems and many others.
  • We chose to partner with one of the worlds most trusted companies – Honeywell.  The Honeywell relationship allows us to offer the first (and only) start to finish fully integrated offering that is UL 2554 Listed, IFC, and NFPA compliant.  That is a big deal!  
  • What is equally important is we can provide it in a cost-effective way that will save you a combination of Time Effort, and Money.
  • We ensure seamless integration with the fire alarm system and monitoring allowing you to meet your deadlines.


BDA Fire Alarms

BDA – What does one look like?

Looks like a fire alarm Panel


BDA – What is it that ACS Fire & Security can provide:

  • An initial RF test and on site evaluation to see if a BDA system is required
  • Collaboration between building owners like you, local authorities, and our suppliers to design a cost efficient, code compliant solution and provide a detailed quote for a turn-key delivery.
  • Permitting, specification requirements and fire alarm integration
  • Signal certification
  •  System Monitoring – required by code
  • An annual maintenance agreement- required by code   
  • Replacement of batteries every 3 years – required by code
  • A 5-year system re-certification – required by code